Functional Medicine focuses on finding root causes of illness and implementing changes at those roots. By contrast, the traditional downstream approach generally targets symptoms with pharmacologic intervention. Functional medicine relies on partnering with you, the patient, in investigating and achieving the best possible long-term health outcomes…together.

Are you ready for a change?

The typical insurance model of the 10 minute clinic visit simply does not do justice to the complexity of your health condition. Our model gives us the latitude to do a comprehensive history and order cutting-edge labs to give us more information. During our initial 1.5 hour consultation, we will do an extensive review so vital to unraveling the impact of a variety of influences including diet, genetic factors, hormonal changes, social and spiritual factors, and drug effects, to name a few.

Excellent leadership in the area of Functional Medicine has come from Cleveland Clinic, developed by notable physicians. It is practiced by an increasing number of physicians who see the limits of the traditional disease- and symptom-oriented model of practice.

We will customize a health plan that works for you, and remodel it as new areas needing healing emerge.

With the escalation of medical costs, deferral of retirement into older age, and greater dependence of children on their parents into early adulthood, it makes sense to maximize your health. Consider it as large an investment in your future as a 401K plan. Better health now means less cost to you in the long run, providing you greater productivity and overall better quality of life.